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dream home…

dream home...

processed using the new Metallics set from

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Family Room Decorating Ideas with Fireplace, For Comfort And Style

Family Room Decorating Ideas with Fireplace, For Comfort And Style

Family Room Decorating Ideas with Fireplace, For Comfort And Style
Family Room Decorating Ideas with Fireplace, For Comfort And Style-is a room for many uses. Whether you are watching television, playing games, or just gathering for conversation, your family room should be a relaxing atmosphere…

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Wired stump – Raw edition is the multi-coloured outdoor furniture inspired by home-made furniture manufactured of the tree boles. Both, the

stump stool and the table are optimized for a small-lot production. Their production is based on bending and welding of rebar structures and the

stool saddle is manufactured of pine wood coated with oil finish. Comparing to wooden stump, the wired stump is lighter weight and the stools

are stackable. The wired stump – Raw edition can be used for an occasional outdoor dining or a picnic, or as a stylish conservatory furniture.
Its design draws from the wire and low poly 3D models aesthetics. The original oval wood shapes were simplified and reduced into polygonal

shapes. Details as the metallic rings and unwrought welds and edges are supposed to create the impression of a cheap home-made product or a


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simple living room interior designs home decoration ideas

simple living room interior designs home decoration ideas

simple living room interior designs home decoration ideas

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The Consecration of Spiritual Power. Galatians 6:14. Big Painting Modern Abstract Fine Art

The Consecration of Spiritual Power. Galatians 6:14. Big Painting Modern Abstract Fine Art

The Consecration of Spiritual Power. Galatians 6:14. Modern Abstract Fine Art. Copyright © 2012 by Mark Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

Mark Lawrence’s modern big painting fine art is celebrated for his use of geometric circles and squares, vibrant blended colors, and abstract eye-popping patterns. His large and intricate abstract fine art visions are translated into elegant paintings that become a focal point of attention wherever displayed.

Mark has pioneered an innovative technique of over-painting his Embellished Canvas and Collector’s Edition fine art Giclees with a richly textured translucent paint medium. In these magnificent fine art pieces, layers of brush strokes cover the entire canvas, adding body, depth and expressive contour to each big painting composition.

The end result is that each signed and numbered Embellished Canvas and Collector’s Edition piece is a unique and original hand-painted work of mixed-media fine art.

Explore why Mark’s original modern abstract art and pioneering digital mixed-media techniques have made him a favorite of interior designers and decorators. His compelling VerseVisions® and contemporary fine art big paintings are displayed in homes, hotels, offices, and commercial buildings throughout the world.

Visit Mark’s Flickr Profile for a link to his art gallery, blog, and to follow him on Twitter.

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Modern Castle – 1185 Gorge Rd, Paracombe

Modern Castle - 1185 Gorge Rd, Paracombe

IF you’ve always longed to be king of your own castle but also want to stay in Adelaide, here’s your chance — all that’s missing is a moat.
A two-storey home on Gorge Rd at Paracombe in the Adelaide Hills, designed to look like a castle and with a fitout to match, has hit the market for the first time.
Vendor April Ling, who started building the home in 2000 and completed it 10 years later, said the style was chosen to match the location.
“We built it from scratch. When we bought it, it was just a vacant piece of land,” she said.
“I thought being in the lower Adelaide Hills, it suited the environment and using the local stone, it blended in well.”
The property has five bedrooms in the main building set over two floors, as well as two kitchens, a home theatre with a bar, a billiard room, a conservatory and a balcony, as well as a detached self-contained apartment.
It is covered in features traditional to castles, including gargoyles, ornate ceilings, stained-glass windows and battlements, and also has modern features such as ducted airconditioning and vacuuming, modern appliances and built-in TVs.
The home also has curtains in the dining room and living room made from fabric from a unique source.
“I ordered fabric from a place in England. They didn’t have any stock of what I wanted (but) they called me back and said if I don’t mind they have fabric already cut and put aside for Princess Diana,” Ms Ling said.
“It’s a really unique fabric, they didn’t know if that would put me off … but I was a huge fan and said I would love to have it.”
Ms Ling says the home’s location in the outer northeastern suburbs feels like the countryside but is still close to the city.
“It is quite close, it is only 20km to the city, it is far enough away to enjoy the country lifestyle without being too far away,” she said.
“A lot of people have asked about the moat, maybe the new owners can put one in.”
Toop & Toop sales consultant Troy Tyndall, who is selling the property, said he has never seen a home like it in South Australia.
“It is only built in 2000 but it feels like it is 400 years old,” he said.
“The whole house is automated, there’s a ‘good night’ button next to the bed that turns off all of the lights, sets the alarm, and secures it.
“There’s a huge amount of marble and mahogany, the detail in the timberwork is crazy.”
While built as a residence, Mr Tyndall said the home could have several different uses.
“It has a commercial-grade kitchen with a dumbwaiter and a standard kitchen, you could run a business if you wanted to … you could run a bed and breakfast, or a wine-tasting place,” he said.
“When you drive through those gates, you are back in Macbeth’s day. It is incredible.”


Image courtesy of Toop & Toop.

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The Timberneck- Kitchen

The Timberneck- Kitchen

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